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Geotechnical Engineering

Contour Engineering, LLC provides a full range of geotechnical services in support of new construction developments or repair of existing facilities or structures. We have decades of local experience in Georgia and among the Southeast conducting subsurface geotechnical investigations, site characterization, and geotechnical foundation design recommendations for both public and private clients. Soil testing is performed in-house in our geotechnical soils testing laboratory facilities which have been certified by AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials). Contour Engineering has successfully completed a wide range of projects including highway and bridge projects, educational facilities such as schools and universities, new commercial development, heavy industrial facilities like refineries and power plants, airport projects like aviation control tower and runway replacement.

The following is a list of our geotechnical engineering services:

Engineering Services

  • Geotechnical Explorations
  • Site Specific Seismic Analysis
  • Segmented Retaining Wall Design
  • Bridge Foundation Investigations
  • Property Condition Assessments (PCA)
  • Pavement Design/Evaluation
  • Pile/Caisson Foundation Design

Engineering Analysis & Design Services

  • Settlement and/or Expansion
  • Magnitude/Rate Evaluation
  • Bearing Capacity Determination
  • Pile and Pier Foundations
  • Earth Retaining Structure Design Criteria
  • Excavation Support Systems
  • Groundwater Control and Dewatering Systems
  • Seismic Response and Susceptibility
  • Earth Pressures for Retaining Structures
  • Pavement Thickness Design Criteria
  • Design Options
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

Site Evaluation Services

  • Alternative site or route studies
  • Definition of Critical Geotechnical Parameters
  • Comparative Site Evaluation
  • Seismic Risk Analysis and Liquefaction Potential
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Groundwater Evaluation
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Rock Profiling