Our Team

Contour Engineering employs some of the most talented and experienced practitioners in the industry. Our breadth of diversified expertise begins with Geotechnical Engineers and Certified Engineering Geologists that work closely with project owners, developers, architects, or their representatives. When clients work with Contour, they are interacting with industry professionals who pride themselves on the highest level of integrity, dependability, ethics, and quality of work. But even more so, these Contour industry professionals are exceptionally innovative, dynamic, and responsive. At Contour we promote professionalism and excellence, while also maintaining a creative, kind, and family-centric environment where our team members thrive.

David Hesterlee

David Hesterlee, President

David Hesterlee, PE, was a founding partner of Contour Engineering when the company started in 2000. David earned a bachelor of Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelor of Science in Physics from West Georgia College. He holds a professional engineer license in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. As President of the Southeast Division for Universal Engineering Sciences, David oversees offices in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. His areas of expertise include geotechnical engineering, large-scale site development projects, design of mechanically stabilized earth retention systems, and special inspection programs.
Kevin McGowan

Kevin McGowan, Vice President/Principal

Kevin holds nearly 25 years of experience in environmental sciences, starting his career in 1998 after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in environmental health science. Kevin uses his expertise to manage the day-to-day operations of the environmental services at Contour. His areas of expertise lie in property redevelopment, site assessment, large-scale remedial construction, and Brownfield properties. Kevin also has extensive experience with remedial system design and implementation on private, state, and federal facilities and installations. His primary focus is assessing and remediating environmental distressed assets throughout the Southeastern US, particularly in Georgia by working heavily in the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s HSRA, USTMP, Brownfield, and VRP units.

Scott Thomson

Scott Thomson, MS, MBA, PE, Vice President/Principal

Scott holds nearly 30 years of experience in engineering and has worked for either Contour or Universal Engineering Sciences for most of the last 20 years. Scott completed his bachelor and master’s degrees in civil engineering at Georgia Tech in 1994, later earning a graduate degree in business from Kennesaw State University. His areas of expertise lie in geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing, project management, seismic assessments, deep foundation systems including - piles, caissons, and drilled piers - settlement analysis, soil surveys, geologic site mapping, slope stability analysis, Karst terrain and construction materials testing in particular in place testing of soils and concrete. Scott has served in a variety of capacities, including project engineer, project manager, technical quality assurance manager, technical lead, department manager, and branch manager before becoming Vice President.

Doug Coffey

J. Doug Coffey, Jr. , PE, Vice President/Principal

Doug possesses nearly 30 years of experience in engineering, starting his career in 1994 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a bachelor degree in civil engineering. His areas of expertise lie in geotechnical engineering, Special Inspections, construction materials testing, deep foundation and shallow foundation systems, pavements, subgrade conditions/remediation and project management.

Jeanette Hamm

Jeanette L. Hamm, PE,

Jeanette Hamm is a professional engineer with more than 22 years of experience in the environmental industry. She holds a broad experience based in a variety of environmental compliance areas. Jeanette’s areas of expertise include site assessment, underground storage tanks, property redevelopment, multi-media regulatory compliance and auditing, large-scale remedial construction, and brownfields with extensive experience with soil and groundwater remedial system design and implementation. She has additional experience in application and interpretation of SPCC Rules, SDWA, CAA, RCRA, and CERCLA along with state-equivalent regulations throughout the southeast. She is certified as a professional engineer in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Mississippi. Jeanette has a bachelor of science in Biological Engineering with an Environmental Emphasis, and a bachelor of science in Environmental Health Science, both from the University of Georgia.

Jim Gough

Jim Gough, PE, Senior Engineer/Geotechnical Services Manager

Jim holds more than 20 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and 11 years as a senior engineer. He earned his degree from Auburn University and serves as a geotechnical principal. His areas of expertise lie in geotechnical and environmental, project management, seismic assessments, deep foundation systems, earth retaining structures - including segmental retaining walls and reinforced slopes - slope stability analysis, shallow foundation design, pavement design, Phase I ESA, asbestos containing material surveys, and lead based paint surveys.

Jason Ayers, P.E.

Jason started with Contour Engineering when the company began in 2000. Jason earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Auburn University and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He holds professional engineering licenses in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Colorado. His area of expertise includes geotechnical engineering, deep foundations, and construction materials testing.

William Faircloth, P.E.

William “Will” Faircloth, P.E. has worked in the geotechnical and construction testing & inspections industry since 2001. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from The University of Georgia and his Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering from Utah Valley University. He is a licensed professional engineer in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Mississippi and is the Operations Manager of Contour’s Tifton office. Will has extensive experience in geotechnical engineering, special inspections, and construction materials testing on retail, commercial, industrial/warehouse, educational, military/government, airport, resort/hotel, restaurant, municipal, and residential projects.
Jack Rebeiz

Jack Rebeiz, PE, Principal

Jack holds more than 30 years of experience in the engineering field. He founded Contour Engineering in 2000 with partner David Hesterlee. Jack’s general oversight of the management of the company’s business continues to lead Contour’s growth. He earned his bachelor and master’s in Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis and is a registered Professional Engineer in 13 states.